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07 billion lb in 2005 and are predicted to go up 7.
We modeled the trajectories of UCNs in a magnetic trap classically and predicted the trajectory of the neutron by integrating the laws of motion using a symplectic integration scheme.
Six variables best predicted whether a participant would take the organ donation brochure.
For the three localities, highly significant correlations between observed and predicted incidence were found (adjusted [r.
Predicted nominees: Spacek, Kidman, Dench, Berry, Zellweger
Negative influences on new equipment sales for 2001 are predicted to be soybean and corn prices along with farm cash receipts.
The predicted bainite distribution in the casting after quenching/cooling in air is shown at left in Fig.
Figures 10 to 13 show the predicted planar tension (pure shear) curves compared to measured data points for each compound.
Although a present value can be computed by applying any discount rate to any set of future cash flows, the result has relevance (and helps financial statement users) only if the discount rate is an observed market rate and only if the cash flows can be reliably predicted.
A predicted cost/case is calculated for each hospital by summing the predicted cost/case for inliers and outliers.
Applying this recipe for cloud formation, scientists hope to find answers to these questions: If Earth's oceans warm, as predicted, will more water evaporate, rise, and form more clouds?
1987) who, found that after twelve weeks of client contact, clinical prediction was superior to statistical prediction, although both methods predicted rehabilitation outcomes.