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The Emperor Nicholas Pavlovich (Nicholas I) had noticed him while he was still at the College, and continued to take notice of him in the regiment, and it was on this account that people predicted for him an appointment as aide-de-camp to the Emperor.
try him," added Mazarin, in an earnest voice; "all that he has predicted has come to pass, he has a safe glance, he is never mistaken either in things or in men -- which is more surprising still.
Well," said the surintendant, more astonished than annoyed by this frankness, "if there is nothing disagreeable predicted to you by your sword, I am to conclude that it is not disagreeable for you to arrest me.
Many gloomy looks would be cast upward through the cabin skylights at the flapping sails while dinner was in progress; and some, growing bold in ruefulness, predicted that we should land about the middle of July.
Many had predicted that Robert would devote himself to Mrs.
For there and then, for several consecutive years, Moby Dick had been periodically descried, lingering in those waters for awhile, as the sun, in its annual round, loiters for a predicted interval in any one sign of the Zodiac.
He predicted the same fate to ATTRACTION, whereof the present learned are such zealous asserters.
The reports included predicted and actualized hours by category and summaries of the number of patients in each category.
I predicted that I would do a film based in the Thirties with Judi Dench.
Since the economy is predicted to remain healthy, consumers tend to dine out more, thereby increasing demand for bulk liquid food containers utilized by commercial establishments.
The Colorado team predicted a "well above-average" hurricane season with 15 named Atlantic basin storms between June 1 and Nov.
For clarity, we write the predicted median escape time for the bin with midpoint [bar.