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Specifically, predictive modeling can help insurers improve their rating plans by identifying mispriced risks.
One of the several predictive maintenance tools in general use today is vibration analysis for equipment.
ISM is a software company committed to innovation in predictive software development and management tools.
Patrick McCue, SPSS vice president of worldwide alliances, said, "As SPSS transforms into a predictive enterprise solutions company, it's extremely important for us to align with proven partners who, with us, can deliver all of the technologies, tools and services customers now require to maximize their business processes.
The traditional process for building predictive models is challenging in that it requires the expertise of a high level statistician and the process is often very time-consuming to complete.
Data Spiders technology helps businesses extract maximized value from their transaction data to build stronger predictive models and make more precise decisions across their enterprise applications.
Insurers and employers are incorporating predictive modeling into their pay-for-performance programs to reward physicians on a risk-adjusted basis and to set performance targets for future incentives.
Aimco is developing three predictive models that enhance how HR can effectively manage the people side of the business with bottom-line results.
The Haelan Group provides employers and benefit management companies across the country with the One Care Street system, a predictive modeling/health coaching solution that helps find high- and low-risk employees requiring health information and one-on-one health coaching to improve health and avoid high-cost medical care.
Attensa's predictive ranking AttentionStream(TM) technology continuously observes and analyzes explicit and implicit behavior as users read and process RSS articles.
They looked at a number of financial ratios that have been shown in prior literature to be predictive of bankruptcy: return on assets (ROA); cash flow to total liabilities; and leverage.
Nexcom, TDX and Geomant have proven experience to understand the business challenges that UK customers face and how our predictive analytic solutions can help them achieve rapid business improvements and hard-dollar return-on-investment results.

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