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analysis, Chatonsky essentially duplicates and extends the post-cinematic processing of cinematic materials by which images are decoded and predictively interpolated in everyday computational playback.
Toxicologists have attempted to predictively model xenobiotic responses based on chemical structure and a small subset of in vitro assays (Mahadevan et al., 2011).
[check] Real-time server-side quality module (beta): the next evolutionary phase of the client-side switching module, the server-side quality module keeps a tally of QOS reports coming in from playback clients per provider and AS number uses this information to predictively keep new clients from using a problematic provider-AS pair in case there are repeating issues detected on that pair.
Technologies designed to collect, screen, correlate, represent, visualize, and predictively model the battlespace can significantly expand and enrich the reach and complexity of human analytical thinking.
The problem is that, unlike normal taxes, fines against companies are not predictively or uniformly levied, and must be haggled over and settled individually in each case.
To the author's knowledge, no work has been presented discussing how to model predictively the leakage in a 1D flow model based on known experimental clearance tolerances, or use fundamental friction relations to calculate total power consumption of the pump based on known clearances.
With the power of advanced data analytics, today's counter clerk will be able to proactively and predictively offer a customer the most personalised services required when that customer enters a financial centre, or over the phone or internet - based on data insights from that customer's financial behaviour.
Also, the Predix-based digital platform will enable Schindler's personnel to proactively and predictively identify, analyse and resolve possible service issues before they happen, reducing and eliminating downtime and improving the experience for users and customers.
Using a proprietary intelligent protocol and global backbone, SpeedNet predictively fetches, compresses and pushes multiple layers of websites at once to local servers.
The company also introduced Gibco GlycanTune, a feeding supplement engineered to provide precision and control in predictively shifting glycan profiles.
Topographical data can meanwhile be used to predictively manage the powertrain and optimise gear selection, and the selection of a route leading through tough terrain could result in extra torque being digitally activated (an advance on Mercedes-Benz's Top Torque option, also already available in some markets).
Another potential reason for the marginalization of expressive mechanisms from law and economics is concerns about the complexity of expressive mechanisms, which some argue negatively affects their ability to be used predictively. (10) Expressive effects occur through a variety of incompletely understood cognitive and social mechanisms.