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This new feature enables Instart Logic's service to predictively pre-load dynamically generated web pages and serve them from cache to first-time visitors.
T2 CST response choices showed very similar patterns of association, with emotion knowledge predictively positively related to T2 sad and socially competent response choices, and negatively to happy response choices.
There are several ways in which the sheer plurality of collective action mechanisms might defeat the aim of fashioning a doctrinal tool that is not only parsimonious but also predictively sound.
72) The Alkaline Way program restores tolerance, homeostasis, energetic balance, and resilience through the Physiology 1st approach using individual, evidence-based tests that predictively show how high or low is the risk within such fundamental areas as inflammation/repair, detoxification/methylation, antioxidant status/free radical oxidation risk, metabolic status/metabolic acidosis risk, and healthy vitamin D levels.
That is, information from the invisible primary phase of the campaign is predictively accurate when party insiders and mass partisans coalesce behind a frontrunner in advance of the Iowa caucuses.
So predictively, this student (like my many other students who come from White, middle class suburbia) admits to not having had experiences with People of Color who are in authority.
In a matter of minutes, the marketer can identify audiences based on shared characteristics and predictively score them according to how likely they are to convert.
The technology for predictively coding image quality control parameters is developed to adjust compression rates for each of the highly detailed regions in an image, and to eliminate the redundancy of auxiliary data for image quality adjustment that are needed for restoration of compressed data.
In ultimatum bargaining, a quantitative model of Tversky and Kahneman's anchoring-and-adjustment heuristic is more predictively accurate than the Fehr and Schmidt (1999) model combined with the quantal response framework (Hariskos, Katsikopoulos & Gigerenzer, 2012).
Second, we can use the model predictively to estimate property values, based on limited experimental data.
All of this data, when combined by the analytical tool used for predictive coding, can provide predictively classified documents for the records staff to verify.
Smart Queue:* Allows ActiveBatch users to set business policies governing the allocation and use of workflow resources and then automatically set and utilize those resources as needed, both predictively or on-demand as workflows require.