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Predictiveness is measured using the Kolmogorov-Smirnov ("KS") statistic, a commonly used measure of goodness of fit for credit scoring models (Mays 2004).
Although the predictiveness of simulations for the Slovak cohort decreased as the age of children at blood sample measurement increased, the loss in accuracy was small for most compounds (Table 3, Figure 4).
The predictiveness curve (32, 33) is a graphic display of the distribution of the predictive disease probabilities.
Thus, the actual predictiveness of marathon finishing times for training and competitiveness is probably greater than is indicated in the present study.
Therefore, predictiveness of communication skills may be explicated by its characteristics that enable an individual to defend her/his own rights assertively without hurting others.
3, 4 (2001) ("The technology and knowledge generated by genomics offer new and exciting possibilities for improving predictiveness, relevance and precision of toxicolog[y].
If anything, he said, Dawson's "horrific" new crime less than six weeks after his forced release "unfortunately helped to validate the predictiveness of the risk assessment tool.
The predictiveness of decision-making solutions will be enhanced by the introduction of shared credit information via NBCI, resulting in better risk management for lenders and improved profitability.
McGuire, 2004, Predictability and Predictiveness in Health care Spending, Working Paper, March 22.
Built using data that includes the dramatic rise in consumer indebtedness in recent years and regularly revalidated to ensure the model's continued predictiveness, VantageScore has shown to be more accurate than FICO[R] because it excludes the use of authorized trade lines," Somerville added.
The tables show class predictiveness and class predictability scores which are the deciding factors for class membership.
Situational Judgment Tests and Their Predictiveness of College Students' Success: The Influence of Faking.