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In Section II, DPCM system with linear predictor is described.
are also among the Oscar voters, is the best predictor of the screenplay awards.
Our predictor exhibited a mean accuracy of 84 percent, and when compared with pathologist diagnoses, yielded similar accuracy and precision as the pathologists,'' said study first author Matthew Wilkerson.
is calculated for each predictor gender/target gender pairing.
Respiratory rate was considered the most useful predictor (median 8.
During context switching, in addition to traditional branch predictor state saving techniques, SDFSM operational state can be quickly saved and restored using special hardware to read and save state on a single clock cycle.
In Experiment 1, both the IAT and the Pro-Black subscale of the PAAQ were found to be significant predictors of White participants' levels of cooperation with a Black partner in the PD.
After controlling for other outcome predictors, including UPCR and CRP, the researchers found that the adjusted annual risk of the composite end point in patients who were in the lowest tertile for NT-proBNP and had an undetectable TnT was 5%, climbing stepwise to 30% per year in those in the top tertile for NT-proBNP and a TnT greater than the median 0.
This contribution describes facilities of a Matlab environment for control of time-delay systems using three selected modifications of Smith Predictor (Matusu & Prokop, 2010b).
was a positive predictor of college success for Black students while high school rank and ACT scores were predictors of college success for White students.
In contrast, parents' REACTIVE involvement was a significant predictor of academic achievement.
The study not only compared the lifestyle intervention subjects with placebo subjects, but additionally analyzed the effect of each lifestyle change within the lifestyle intervention group--weight loss, a reduced fat diet, and regular exercise--to determine which was the best predictor of reduced diabetes risk.