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Robust stability analysis of the prediction filter with the most commonly used first- and second-order predictors was given in this paper.
The best predictors are the Screen Actors Guild and the London Film Critics, both right 75% of the time.
With the exception of Grossman and Lugovskyy (2011), the studies since EG limit the information predictors have to inform their predictions of the targets' gamble choices.
Participants were directed to provide VAS scores only for that set of predictors they used, and to leave as blank any predictor scales not used in their clinical assessment of weaning or extubation readiness.
Extensive experimental results compare the SDFSM prediction accuracy to the commonly used bimodal [1][2] counter-based predictor and reveal that, for a subset of benchmarks, an SDFSM with six shadow states provides more accurate predictions than counterbase predictors with one-to-one prediction latency.
An original analysis for Experiment 1 examined whether the predictors were related to differences in cooperation with the Black and White partners (i.
Karl Swedberg recalculated the TREAT data using a different statistical method and came up with a slightly different rank ordering of risk predictors.
This contribution describes facilities of a Matlab environment for control of time-delay systems using three selected modifications of Smith Predictor (Matusu & Prokop, 2010b).
In the present study, we examine predictors of college student success at a private women's college.
The results indicated that self-efficacy, effort regulation, and intrinsic motivation were positive predictors of achievement.
Among individuals with a family history of high blood pressure, age and high levels of self-deception were significant predictors of SBP, while self-deception was the lone significant predictor of DBP.
The independent predictors for ARF were chronic renal failure, inotropic support, and nesiritide.