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Assuming SARS dynamics in Beijing would follow a similar pattern, we used the Richards model to predict that the SARS epidemic in Beijing would end by late June 2003.
Many national studies predict that the nation is in or will soon be in a recession, which is defined as two consecutive quarters of economic decline.
However, Meehl and his colleagues predict that that trend will reverse in the present century.
The firm predicts that the ERM market will grow from $4.
Combined with control of physiologic variability during sleep, endoscopy correctly predicts UPPP responders and nonresponders.
The second part of this article discusses some of the problems associated with the conventional Flexometer and introduced a new generation Flexometer that can better predict tire temperature.
A new enhancement to a proprietary CIM system has allowed one injection molder to automatically predict part dimensions based on processing data.
The bank predicts that interest rates will stabilize and increase slightly during the second half of next year.
com predicts Ford will sell 274,000 units in June, down nearly four percent compared to June 2005 and unchanged from May 2006.
He assembled more than a thousand measurements and found that shear modulus indeed predicts hardness better than bulk modulus.
New York City vacancies are at their lowest in five years, and in the past quarter, rentals have increased 6 percent and Class A absorption by more than 21 percent - all indicators pointing to a market primed for growth that will soon be "back to the future", predicts Colliers ABR's The Barometer for the remainder of 1997.