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The way is then cleared for the thoroughgoing application of the Poundbury philosophy to the real needs and predilections of late twentieth-century town dwellers.
What: Comedy from first-time director Shirley MacLaine about a young boy with a gift for spelling and a predilection for wearing dresses; this doesn't work in his favor at spelling bees.
Because fibrous dysplasia shows a predilection for the facial and cranial bones, where it causes deformity and dysfunction, the disease is of particular interest to the otolaryngologist.
The pictorial space created in Diary evokes an unfurled papyrus scroll covered with tightly bunched sentences, attesting to a predilection for hieroglyph-like texts cultivated earlier by Krasner in her "little images," likewise on view here.
Carner aspires for Oliver Stone-like portent but is undone by his predilection for dream sequences, lonesome-road mayhem and exposition that absolutely must be delivered in strip clubs.
This predilection for the horizontal may be something that defines Hadid as a specifically British architect.
And as if the hallowed calling of journalism needed yet another black eye, the movie thoughtfully takes a hilariously gratuitous swing in the closing title cards: The underachieving guy who weaseled on Plecki's team - also among his sins is a predilection for comic books and goofy, fashion-victim-looking hair - plans on becoming a reporter.
Adam's Light, 1999, a scrapping together of overlapping translucent blue plastic bags taped to a gallery window, created a luminous, monochrome plaid--a lovely example of Feher's predilection for approximate geometry.
In the course of 90 ghoulishly inventive minutes, fidgety Phil's predilection for cutlery ends in grisly demise, thumb-sucking Conrad loses his digits to the scarifying Scissors Man, and young Harriet the pyromaniac gets summarily flambeed.
In the subtitle of his exhibition, Myers pays homage to Overby's eccentric predilection for backward dating.
Tim Stack, who proved his predilection for endless genitalia puns on his talk-show parody ``Nightstand With Dick Dietrick,'' created this comedy about a ``Malibu-adjacent'' beach, and stars as ``Notch'' Johnson, the scrawny leader of the lifeguard team, who happens to be the only guy oblivious to the rampant pulchritude surrounding him.
Katz's synthesis of representation and abstraction is pitched so perfectly that he's managed to turn their irresoluble conflict--the great differend of modern art--into little more than a nuance of stylistic predilection.