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Males were found to have predilection of complete edentulism 47.4% when compared with prevalence of partial edentulism 42.3% (Table 2).
Pleomorphic adenomas (PA) account for 50 - 60% of benign salivary gland tumours5 and are especially common in the parotid gland (80%) followed by minor salivary glands (10%) and sublingual gland (0.1%).2 A mean age of about 40.4 (+-16) years and a female predilection of 1.9: 16 is noted for PA.
This is suggestive of a female predilection to the same.
Plus de doute, le champion olympique 2012 du 200m et du relais 4 x100m, courra sur sa distance de predilection aux Mondiaux de Barcelone (28 juillet-4 aout).
Prenatal and postnatal environments--both their negative and positive environmental conditions--modulate the expression of any genetic predilection.
Peanut is a cute little fantasy that presents the new illustrator with opportunities to exhibit his skill and indulge an apparent predilection for bold composition and flamboyant application of colour which serves the story very well with its suggestion of magic.
What we've seen happening is people saying, 'I feel a need to be perceived as a man of faith,' because in the current discourse of public policy, the predilection, fostered by the Republicans, is that if you are a Democrat it is in part because you are a person of little faith."
Robert Buly adds, "If a patient has a predilection to develop arthritis, it may be hastened by a prolonged dance career, which puts significant stresses on the body."
What is of particular note is that Scott was an active homosexual while being Attorney-General, a fact which he kept secret so as to have more freedom to change legislation in favour of his predilection. He deliberately deceived persons such as Cardinal Gerald Emmett Carter whom he told he was pro-life while writing a constituent that he was pro-abortion.
Indeed, if a recent survey is to be believed, of the latest generation of teenagers, it is now the fairer sex with a predilection for binge drinking.
Delving deeply into the lives and struggles of widows in a culture which has societal predilection towards rejecting, disowning, or ostracizing or otherwise discriminating against these women, Forbidden Red informs its readers of the painstaking process of living beyond the death of a husband as illustrated through interviews from women of varying castes, religions, ages, and residential choices.