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Prenatal and postnatal environments--both their negative and positive environmental conditions--modulate the expression of any genetic predilection.
Which is worse, anyway: to be called "Fag" if you are in fact "Frank" or to be accused of harboring predilections of the "subliminal" variety if you are in reality a Republican from Texas?
However, given their predilections for jumping on the bandwagon and their continuing failure in the opinion polls, the Tories must be very pleased at the endless series of Blair/Brown own goals.
Though Shamaya will not explain her, er, predilections, Otep's song titles give a hint to what she's about - ``Autopsy Song,'' ``Suicide Trees,'' ``Buried Alive,'' ``Blood Pig,'' ``Jonestown Tea.
Wilson, Bass says, "followed his idealistic predilections, his chums, and his views of political prudence.
The aim is to find where there might be the space to maneuver, to confront things as they are given, and to examine one's own desires and predilections.
Given Tschumi's predilections for programmatic mixing -- Deconstructivism as complex patterns of use and simultaneous happenings more than Deconstructivism as peculiar form-making -- it seems disappointing that the myriad activities of the trade hail ('fairs, antiques, electronics, dog show s, flower shows') are contained within such a neutral box.
Generally they shared no less strong predilections for social and familial order, monarchy, and custom.
So, for no reason other than the ACLU's ideological predilections, the cross will likely be sacrificed to the insatiable gods of secularist absolutism.
Here, the intricate predilections of Morphosis have resulted in masses and voids that -- on a recent afternoon visit -- the co-educat ional student body seems keen to fully utilize and explore (the half-landings on the exposed ramps provide literal hang-out points).
By defending the younger generation's right to select marriage partners according to their amorous predilections, O'Connor argues, the Baroque cape and sword plays are representative of a slow but progressively secularizing trend that can be traced throughout the seventeenth century.
If the premiere oversells its sex to a risible degree, the show at its heart is really another crime procedural on how big-money cheats are discovered and, given viewers' predilections toward that genre, could become an engaging enough behind-the-scenes drama if it doesn't devolve into another glitzy prime-time soap opera first.