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Prenatal and postnatal environments--both their negative and positive environmental conditions--modulate the expression of any genetic predilection.
The predilections and prejudices of guests like Rodney Marsh, Frank McLintock and George Best will either console or irritate you, depending on whether you happen to agree with them.
In this case, we learn that our least favourite drama queen is to appear in a television documentary to give details of the sexual predilections of Michael Hutchence.
It is, however, more successful in tracing the evolution of shared cultural predilections of immigrant groups than in sustaining its central conceit of Puritan and foreign minds.
Many Supreme Court judgements have become a random collection of the judges' personal predilections. Citing several recent examples, Hunter shows clearly that our highest court cannot be regarded as a guardian of our liberties.
His comedies express the values and predilections of bourgeois society and praise the virtues of commerce and family life.
With notable exceptions their hedonistic lifestyle and sexual predilections disgrace the sport.
Chapters 1-4 examines the impact that biases, illusions and other predilections have on each stage of the negotiating process, including case evaluation, preparing for bargaining, establishing rapport, making offers and reaching agreements.
However, given their predilections for jumping on the bandwagon and their continuing failure in the opinion polls, the Tories must be very pleased at the endless series of Blair/Brown own goals.
Wilson, Bass says, "followed his idealistic predilections, his chums, and his views of political prudence." On the other hand, Franklin Delano Roosevelt's record was more equivocal: He granted no entrance to Jewish refugees fleeing Nazism, while paying lip-service to the idea of a Jewish state.
The aim is to find where there might be the space to maneuver, to confront things as they are given, and to examine one's own desires and predilections. Most recently, in "Heavy Duty" at Edinburgh's Inverleith House, the second of her collaborative shows with Polish artist Paulina Olowska, Mckenzie has more or less literalized her acquisitive investigation into how a purposeful engagement with the world can be negotiated--by designing her own banknotes.
Given Tschumi's predilections for programmatic mixing -- Deconstructivism as complex patterns of use and simultaneous happenings more than Deconstructivism as peculiar form-making -- it seems disappointing that the myriad activities of the trade hail ('fairs, antiques, electronics, dog show s, flower shows') are contained within such a neutral box.