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Marginal leakage and predisposal to secondary decay: Marginal leakage is the penetration of fluids, bacteria and ions into the space existing between restorative material and cavity walls.
Our predisposal to naval gazing ensures a near constant flood of headlines about layoffs, declining advertising, and financial insecurity, but we can't overlook the advocates who keep on pushing and promoting the business anyway.
The four-year funding package will pay for "predisposal conditioning" of existing radioactive waste in preparation for long-term storage and disposal, and for the clean-up of buildings and infrastructure containing hazardous materials at Lucas Heights.
The grants are supported from the state's Solid Waste Management Fund, which receives revenue from a predisposal fee on the purchase of new tires.
The study of intercultural sensitivity, conceived as an attitude of predisposal to positive behaviours in relation to cultural diversity (Ruiz-Bernardo, 2012), is essential to our understanding of the social reality and the promotion of intercultural coexistence.
This document, however, provides guidance for the regulations for the Siting of Nuclear Facilities, Design of Nuclear Power Plants, Radiation Dose Limits and Optimisation of Radiation Protection for Nuclear Facilities, Application for a Licence to Construct a Nuclear Facility, Radiation Protection and Predisposal Radioactive Waste Management for Nuclear Facilities and the upcoming Regulation for an Application for a Licence to Operate a Nuclear Facility.
On December 15, the NYS Court of Appeals ruled that the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) may require companies that own sites listed in the state's Superfund program to clean up the properties to "predisposal conditions, to the extent feasible."