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Cancer - Tumours within the brain can cause structural changes that will predispose to seizures 7.
Caution is advised if the latter is the case, as it is common for the skin to be damaged during this process, and this may predispose a kitty to skin infections.
Harm in this context means that it predisposes persons to act in an anti-social manner as, for example, the physical or mental mistreatment of women by men, or, what is perhaps debatable, the reverse.
Environmental agents with estrogenic agonist or antagonist activity may also alter gene expression during development, which may lead to functional deficits later in life that predispose one to cancer development.
The exact mechanism by which running predisposes to GER and possible symptoms is not clearly understood.
Ethnicity is factor that is commonly used to predispose a child to the type of violent act they might commit.
Having a particular form of the gene that encodes the natural compound lactoferfin could predispose some people to travelers' diarrhea, a study finds.
Finally, pediatric studies suggest that high motilin levels may predispose infants to colic.
The factors, except increased age, that predispose people to clinical disease are unknown (13).
Washington, April 24 ( ANI ): A new study has found that women are "more intuitive" than men due to a biological component, which would predispose women to adopt a "less reflexive" attitude in life.
Jaakkola's research has shown that prenatal, infant, childhood, and adult exposures can all predispose individuals to asthma.
Genetic and other factors that may predispose individuals to sustain more or less hearing loss in the same environment remain obscure.