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Second, she held that the orgies did not predispose others to anti-social behaviour.
Individuals with a set of genes that predisposes them to drink moderate amounts of alcohol may still have the genetic predisposition to lose control over their drinking behavior, and perhaps become alcohol dependent.
Moreover, there has been some evidence that sexually transmitted infections and aberrant macrophage activity predispose men to prostate cancer.
The conclusion that the mutation predisposes a woman to fibroid formation "is very plausible," says Barbara J.
Now, it appears that simply being born to a mother infected with HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, predisposes a child to developmental heart problems-even a child who remains uninfected.
An analysis of genetic activity in people with an inherited defect that predisposes them to malignant tumors now strongly supports this notion.
He suspects that a particular form of the D2 dopamine receptor gene serves as a "gateway gene" that predisposes people to giving all sorts of drugs an initial try.
Obese women may eat a high-fat diet that predisposes them to another bout with cancer, he says.
Or the weight-fluctuators may have inherited a taste preference for desserts that predisposes them to weight gain.
This is an interesting preliminary report, but it doesn't prove that the Wolfram gene predisposes people to psychiatric disorders," says psychologist David L.