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Washington, Oct 27 (ANI): Genetic make up may predispose a person to indulge in booze more but may not raise one's genetic risk for alcoholism, says a new study.
324) may exacerbate this instability and predispose a cell to uncontrolled division.
Noble views the new data on multiple-drug abuse as supportive of his theory that the dopamine receptor gene is one of several genes that predispose people to a broad spectrum of substance use and abuse.
This is an interesting preliminary report, but it doesn't prove that the Wolfram gene predisposes people to psychiatric disorders," says psychologist David L.
Last year, researchers reported that a specific dopamine-receptor gene apparently predisposes its bearers to alcoholism.
Researchers have identified an inherited gene defect that heavily predisposes individuals to breast cancer and some other malignancies.
At this point, Gurling says, "we can't say what specific gene on chromosome 5 predisposes to schizophrenia [among our subjects] or what its biochemical basis is.
IT's clear this mutation, which is a very, very subtle mutation, predisposes you to the problem, but is not sufficient in and of itself to prove you're going to go blind," he says.
Evidence is mounting that, in some cases of manic depression,there is a gene near one tip of the X chromosome that predisposes its bearers to the disorder.
A decade-long study of the geneticallyand culturally isolated Amish population in southern Pennsylvania has yielded the first evidence that there is a gene somewhere along the tip of a specific chromosome that predisposes its bearers to manic depression, and possibly to severe depression without mania.
Some families have a hereditary characteristic that predisposes them to Down's syndrome, report geneticists at Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions in Baltimore.