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Furthermore, severe forms of the infection, such as necrotizing fasciitis and septicemia, are relatively common among healthy persons, although they may cause fewer deaths than they do among persons with predisposing medical conditions.
Other predisposing factors that may contribute to a student becoming a violent offender are: low self-esteem; fear of being a victim him/herself; depression or significant mood swings; mental illness; preoccupation with weapons, explosives, or other incendiary devices; bullying behavior or being bullied; tendency to blame others for difficulties and problems he/she causes him/ herself; reflects anger, frustration, and the dark side of life reflected in school essays or writing projects; and/or suicide attempts or threats ("Youth Violence," 1999).
Foreign-body aspiration into the tracheobronchial tree is not as common in adults as it is in children, except for adults who have predisposing factors--primarily an impairment of their protective airway mechanisms.
The researchers hypothesized that differences in the gene's DNA sequence might alter the timing of a person's clock, predisposing them to morning or evening alertness.
In February 1996, the companies announced an amendment to their original agreement, dated July 27, 1994, to include extreme obesity as a predisposing condition to NIDDM.
1] Among the possible predisposing factors are a history of dermatitis and an allergic diathesis.
20, 1996--S) today announced that they have expanded the scope of their existing research collaboration in the area of type II diabetes to include the study of obese patient popul identify novel control points in the biochemiagreement dated July 27, 1994, the companies will include extreme obesity as a predisposing condition to Nsed on genes discovered as a result of the expannumerous collaborations with leading academic institutions worldwide.
Predisposing factors for laryngeal candidiasis include immunodeficiency syndromes, immunosuppressive medications (e.
In the monk seals, however, he found no signs of a predisposing factor.
Treatment is aimed at the elimination of predisposing and causative factors, but because our patient denied any symptoms or precipitating factors and had a benign presentation, no immediate intervention was initiated.
Some men who cited predisposing risks for incest said that they had intentionally used intensive caretaking to groom their daughters for sexual involvement by first fostering emotional dependency and the acceptance of intimate physical touch.
Even accounting for such predisposing risks as blond hair, summer sunbathing, and raised nevi (pigmented birthmarks), their data showed that anyone who had ever used sunlamps or sunbeds faced a 30 percent greater risk of melanoma than those who had never used such devices.