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In his editorial, Maris credits the new study as "the most comprehensive blueprint to date of genetic childhood-cancer predisposition," adding that the full complexity of how children develop cancer remains to be investigated.
Of these, 11 percent had mutations in the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes, and the rest had mutations in 15 other predisposition genes, including the DNA repair genes PALB2, BARD1, and RAD51C.
The beauty is that our methodology can be applied to any disease with known genetic predispositions.
Professor Gareth Evans reviews the current understanding of high-risk predisposition gene carriers and puts in context the role played by high-penetrant autosomal dominant genes in breast cancer aetiology.
Only a few studies have looked specifically at individuals with a genetic predisposition to obesity and the impact of physical activity on their weight.
The law bars health insurers from rejecting coverage or raising premiums for healthy people based on personal or familial genetic predisposition to a particular disease.
More specifically, the invention relates to germline mutations in the AGT gene and their use in the diagnosis of predisposition to diabetes.
This study examined the predisposition to seek mental health care in the future for personal and mental health problems among black males leaving the foster care system (n = 74) in Missouri in the United States.
On one hand, failure to take advantage of available technology to ascertain employee's predisposition to disease may result in employer violations of Occupational Safety and Health Administration regulations, as well as exposure to negligence-based lawsuits for failure to provide a safe workplace.
They can impair the body's ability to repair and maintain tissues, and lead to a predisposition to inflammation.
Pinker lists deference to experts and emotional predisposition for religious belief such as the efficacy of prayer.
As well as for sex, embryos can now be tested for blood type and for predisposition to certain diseases, such as Down Syndrome, spina bifida, and Alzheimer's--the treatment of which would be a financial drain on the health sciences.