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anxious or avoidance) as predispositional factors for the development of psychotic symptomatology (Gajwani, Patterson, & Birchwood, 2013; Ponizovsky, Vitenberg, Baumgarten-Katz, & Grinshpoon, 2013).
Empathy among college students and criminal justice majors: Identifying predispositional traits and the role of education.
Transition to entrepreneurship from the public sector: Predispositional and contextual effects.
So 'only' must necessarily follow the tardive aspect adverb finalmente 'finally', the predispositional aspect adverb tendencialmente 'tendentially' and the repetitive aspect adverb novamente 'again' (cf.
Rather, individual differences in sex drive may be plausibly and directly related to how much sexual activity an individual who has a predispositional risk of sexual aggression engages in (providing base rate elevation of sexual coercion), and how much sexual aggression such an individual is willing to employ to satisfy strong sexual urges, as well as, and potentially quite separately from, their appetite for and consumption of violent pornography.
NVJDC has three distinct programs: a predispositional, a post-dispositional and a federal program, through the Office of Refugee and Resettlement/Division of Children Services.
We included the predispositional variable of sexual sensation seeking, which refers to a general tendency to pursue unconventional and exciting sexual activities (Kalichman & Rompa, 1995) and has been identified as a predictor of high-risk sexual behavior, including having a higher numbers of sex partners (Hendershot, Stoner, George, & Norris, 2007).
the efficient causal factors in nature which physics describes) are predispositional, not deterministic.
The causal point of view, which operates like a presupposition or predispositional attitude, blocks a clear vision of the richness and complexity of the world and human life, and denies access to a religious point of view and the benefits of faith.