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Swansea has been left behind over the past 20 years because of the predominance of the need to regenerate Cardiff Bay.
His 35,000 slaves for 1800 not only disputes his assertion of Indian numerical predominance, but greatly exceeds his estimates of slaves for succeeding decades.
Germany's industrial strengths: systematic precision, an intact system of apprenticeships and master builders, a predominance of middle-sized, family operated manufacturing firms, codes which sometimes exasperate clients and architects, and a thriving economy, have all given Hanover the opportunity to show how we might deal with old problems in new ways, or even new problems in old ways.
The researchers hypothesized that this unexpected predominance of so-called pseudogenes accounts for the poor human sense of smell.
Because of the predominance of the American and Toronto Stock Exchanges in trading Echo Bay common shares in North America, as well as the costs associated with multiple listings, the company made the decision to voluntarily delist from the Montreal Exchange.
Every area of Europe produced dictaminal authors, but Polak's census, which does not yet cover Italian libraries, already firmly documents the predominance of Italian authors in this field.
The primary cause of the disparity, says Stevenson, is the higher predominance of lower-income African American households.
In North America, he says, "there's a predominance of abstract or semiabstract dance.
I think one of the things you really have to consider is what is going to happen in the future in regard to rate-setting," argues Lubarsky, "especially if the facility has a predominance of government third-party payers - Medicaid and Medicare.
Explaining the predominance of small deals, Maltz notes, "New York is a city of small businesses, and we have been seeing their strength solidify in the past few years.
JEA's primarily coal-based generation portfolio has provided greater fuel cost stability relative to its peers in recent years, given the predominance of natural gas- and oil-fired generation in Florida.
Also, unlike the case with most thyroid cancers, there was a strong male predominance with the columnar cell variant.