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The approach of treating the predominant symptom has been validated by studies showing good concordance between the dominant type of incontinence and urodynamic findings.
Majority of patients in study population are having reticular and honey comb patterns as predominant pattern on chest x-ray, each pattern contributing 33.
Under this subsection, a tax is creditable if, judging by its predominant character, it is imposed on the basis of gross receipts or gross receipts computed under a method that is likely to produce an amount that is not greater than fair market value.
The Promise clinical study aims to enroll up to 300 people suffering from predominant chronic low back pain due to FBSS at 30 centers in the United States, Canada and Europe (Belgium, France, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom).
If the patient's symptoms are constipation predominant, it also is necessary to differentiate IBS from functional constipation, which is characterized by straining, lumpy hard stools, a sensation of incomplete evacuation or obstruction, fewer than three defecations per week, and the use of manual maneuvers to facilitate defecation.
The analyses reported in this article focus on within- and between-group analyses of predominant and peak categorical and sequential play.
The new conventional wisdom is that stock options are on the way out, with restricted stock and other forms of long-term incentives replacing options as the predominant form of executive compensation.
Feeding practices were categorized as exclusive breast-feeding (feeding of breast milk only), predominant breast-feeding (feeding of breast milk plus water-based liquids), full breast-feeding (the sum of exclusive and predominant breast-feeding) and any breast-feeding.
Under section 1031(h)(2)(B), this determination is made, with respect to the relinquished property, by looking at its predominant use in the two-year period ending on the date of the relinquishment and, in the case of the replacement property, by reference to the two-year period beginning on the date of its acquisition.
Moreover, their findings suggest that cell mutations that promote cancer progression may arise in cells other than the predominant cancer cell.
While race relations and stereotyping are issues not dodged in this novel, the predominant theme is drawn from William Shakespeare: "We are such stuff as dreams are made on.