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According to the constitution of Pennsylvania, the president, who is the head of the executive department, is annually elected by a vote in which the legislative department predominates.
But unfortunately the passion of the moment predominates, in the Frail Sex, over every other consideration.
He has thrown off his paper cap, and you see that his hair is not thick and straight, like Adam's, but thin and wavy, allowing you to discern the exact contour of a coronal arch that predominates very decidedly over the brow.
But it is not interest which predominates in the noble nature of poets.
I find that I think, my dear Frederick, and with mixed emotions in which a softened compassion predominates, What will they do without me
Heeb found that players predicted to be of high skill reliably outperform players predicted to be of lesser skill, and that high-skilled players will predominate over less-skilled players in a relatively short amount of time.
The Predominate Stakes was established in 1970, in honour of Predominate, a three-time winner of the Goodwood Stakes (1958-60) and of the Goodwood Cup in 1961.
Conventionally financed apartments predominate in a majority of residential portfolios, followed by condos/co-ops and HOAs, and then affordable/federally assisted housing.
But in about 3 years out of every 10, designers guess incorrectly which variants of flu will predominate, says Arnold Monto of the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.
The jury also acknowledged and applauded the project's scale, compared with the (albeit seductive) array of houses and follies that tend to predominate in the early stages of most architectural careers.
By using the sense of taste, touch, and smell, the predominate Element is more easily recognized.