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I find that I think, my dear Frederick, and with mixed emotions in which a softened compassion predominates, What will they do without me
And I scruple not to affirm, that it is infinitely less likely that either of them should gain an ascendant in the national councils, than that the one or the other of them should predominate in all the local councils.
Darcy, by the feelings which prevailed on his entering the room; and then, though but a moment before she had believed her wishes to predominate, she began to regret that he came.
Besides this aerial spirit they believe in an inferior one, who inhabits the fire, and of whom they are in perpetual dread, as, though he possesses equally the power of good and evil, the evil is apt to predominate.
Beaufort, after all, had not managed to "tide over"; but by setting afloat the rumour that he had done so he had reassured his depositors, and heavy payments had poured into the bank till the previous evening, when disturbing reports again began to predominate.
And the deeper he went in domesticity the more did the sense of acquitting himself and acting with propriety predominate over any other satisfaction.
I'll be satisfied with flesh and blood too - only the spirit must shine through and predominate.
on the contrary, wisdom shall predominate, and, on the most mature
Heeb was able to quantify the relative contributions of skill and chance in No Limit Hold'em and show conclusively that skill predominates over chance.
Between roughly 39,000 and 36,000 years ago, Aurignacian material predominates, followed by a Chatelperronian return from about 36,000 to 34,500 years ago, Mellars holds.
In the living and dining rooms, left, a modern Asian feel predominates.
Most are Sunnis (like Saddam), who form the majority of people in the arc around Baghdad and practice a form of Islam that predominates in Saudi Arabia.