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Peck: Even though Medicare predominates in this market, how available to nursing homes are subacute contracts from HMOs and hospitals?
Solar-electric power now predominates, including all vehicles previously powered by petroleum.
Throughout the two floors of the headquarters, cherry wood predominates in unique custom-designed furniture and casework.
It speculated on the evolutionary origins of such thermogenesis and observed how it predominates in ancient lineages of flowering plants like magnolias and water lilies.
Therefore, few examples are left of prints in which the color red predominates.
Instead, the anthropologist's bias for "slow" cultures predominates.
An atmosphere of nonchalance, of repose predominates in these photos.
The company led the industry by shipping its 100,000th My Vision X[TM] check scanner in 2006, which predominates the top 100 banks.
rhodesiense, which predominates in East Africa, wild and domestic animals are important reservoirs.
Type I predominates in southern Europe, the Americas, and Africa.
I can only imagine that an audience that comes for the music, which predominates, either won't know the difference or won't much care.
A grand, if not somehow threatening, deliberate inanity that also characterizes Chris Burden's Whitney Biennial installation, Fist of Light, 1992-93, predominates here.