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1988), may vary across geographic areas with the predomination of either for-profit or nonprofit dialysis centers.
The predomination of the exit-form in the domestic sphere did not exclude collaborationism either, for example in the case of a representative of the nomenclature who, by his loyalty to the power obtained the right to live a "second life" in the private sphere.
So while all societies have a religious system and a legal system, the relationship between these systems can vary widely from predomination over each other, to coexistence.
The predomination of qualitative methods was exceptionally great when it came to studies of social work methods.
Pakistan has not moved out of a predomination of the first category of diseases and at the same time the diseases of the second category are here, thereby placing a double burden of disease and death.
Moreover, a set of perceived barriers that are supposedly pushing the ASEAN+3 nations off the road of seamless integration--the lack of 'bottom-up' integrative approach, the predomination of intergovernmental practices and the global profile of China--could paradoxically but arguably be treated as factors reinforcing the integration within the ASEAN+3.