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However, we noticed predomination of Gal-3 over proinflammatory cytokine TNF-[alpha] in sera and feces of patients with more severe and progressive stadium of CRC (Figures 1, 2, and 3).
However, the effect of REM sleep on the ANS is sleep stage-dependent and the balance shifts towards parasympathetic predomination as one enters NREM sleep [25, 26].
Perhaps the greatest challenges for grain quality in Sierra Leone are likely to be at the levels of field production and processing, due to the predomination of subsistence practice at these levels [2].
This male predomination should not however lead us to epidemiological extrapolations given the small sample size.
In general, the international community performs well the first phase which also involves predomination of military participation.
Within the dominance of coverage from the point of view of health, there is an evident predomination of the sub-categories which can be named 'Psychiatry/psychology' and 'Public health'--these two areas of approach account for almost 70% of the articles.
The analyses of national strategic documents showing state policies and measures for sustainable tourism development conclude that despite the great potential for tourism development in the country the problems prevail and impede sector development outlining the following: predomination of mass seasonable tourism in sea and winter resorts giving the image of the country and the marketing shortcomings in alternative tourism connected to the absence of advertisement and trade marks as well as worsening the quality of tourist services offered, bad infrastructure and overbuilding of mass tourism resorts (Shopova& Arabska, 2013).
Citgo's Predomination Requirement Threatens to Undermine Title VII Enforcement, 26 BERKELEY J.
85, 92 (1996) ("The most decisive move, however, made by the higher power against the predomination of grudge and spite, is the establishment of the law, the imperial elucidation of what counts in [the codifier's] eyes as permitted, as just, and what counts as forbidden and unjust....
Increased incidence of hospital acquired infection may be one of the reason for predomination of Pseudomonas aeruginosa in this study.
Such connections are important to identifying the means to overcome heterosexist predomination, not only in schooling, but as it both reflects, and is capable of changing public perceptions.
This gap could take place in cases of predomination of the evolutionary development of the technical base of manufacture.