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Through the years the cupola has maintained its preeminence in the production of iron for castings because it consumes low cost scrap, uses a low cost fuel and is less susceptible to harmful impurities in the melt.
Important new chapter topics include the effects of a decade of Republican control, policymaking in an age of terrorism, how African American and other minorities have changed Congress; congressional preeminence in the late nineteenth century (contrasted with the presidential preeminence of 1969-2004); the impact of congressional committees in a partisan era; and the causes and consequences of declining party competitiveness.
presented in a more traditional gallery setting in an attempt to establish their preeminence as masterworks.
Recognized for its preeminence within the industry, the CCIM curriculum represents the core knowledge expected of commercial real estate practitioners.
The collaborative effort of Hong Kong Film Archive programmer Law Kar and film and modern history scholar Frank Bren, Hong Kong Cinema: A Cross-cultural View, traces the history of Hong Kong's film arts from the "Western shadow plays" of the late 1890s, to the boom of the 1930s, to Hong Kong's title of the "Hollywood of China" that has eclipsed the moviemaking prominence of Shanghai since the 1940s, a preeminence that continues to this day.
Instead of meeting quarterly or even monthly, the committee met once a week, every week, from March to October, vetting the document until they compiled a draft for presidential approval The draft, a bold, 10-page manifesto titled "The Next Level: Preeminence," received formal approval in November, Less than nine months after Mukerjea was hired.
If we want to maintain this preeminence, it is absolutely critical that we bring up our children to be technologically literate - skilled in math and sciences.
Unsatisfied by the loci-method of earlier Reformers, Owen built upon his doctrine of the preeminence of Scripture to adopt an organization of theology that reflected more closely the order of divine revelation.
Thouvenin may shortly threaten Greggory's preeminence, since he's recently appeared in a new TV adaptation of Jean Cocteau's Les Parents Terribles in the part written expressly for the gay artist's lover, Jean Marais.
As a member of PITAC, Daines will provide President Bush with expert, independent advice on maintaining America's preeminence in advanced information technologies, including such important elements of the national IT infrastructure as high performance computing, large-scale networking, and high assurance software and systems design.
Even though White's unfortunate experience mirrors that of many other dissatisfied AAMCO customers, AAMCO corporate representatives maintain the company's preeminence.
Our technology group is continually expanding and upgrading CoachWare's functionality to maintain its preeminence in the marketplace," said Peter J.