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The AV Preeminent firm is led by attorneys who have been named among Southern California's Top Rated.
Their importance lay in the fact that, because no other institution was sponsoring research on African American life at the time, they were the preeminent scholarly studies of the era."
Tax Executives Institute is the preeminent association of in-house tax professionals in the world.
"The installation of the Crossbelt Metal Analyzer further enhances the leadership position of Metal Management as the preeminent supplier of scrap iron units to the North American steel industry," says Daniel Dienst, chairman and CEO of Metal Management Inc.
The National Association of Manufacturers has launched a campaign to rally manufacturers to create a public policy environment "that fosters the re-emergence of America as the world's preeminent, cost-competitive, high quality manufacturing power." This endeavor, the "Campaign for growth and manufacturing renewal," asserts that while the economy may be improving in the short term, U.S.
"It will be interesting to make the transition to the leadership team of the industry's preeminent ink supplier after 24 years with one of the industry's preeminent press manufacturers," Mr.
"The United Nations is the preeminent institution of multilateralism," comments Tharoor.
"The combined event in 2005 will be the preeminent metalcasting exposition in the world," adds Daniel Twarog, president of NADCA.
WW II ace and tactician Hubert "Hub" Zemke was a preeminent Army Air Forces fighter commander in the European theater.
The Review of Scientific Instruments, which is widely regarded as the preeminent journal describing scientific instrumentation, is a frequent vehicle for the dissemination of NIST-developed measurement methodology.
Force modernization is preeminent and the year-old program at their Armed Forces Leader and Staff Simulation Center is leading the way.
"This industry has been preeminent in trying to create doubt about the relationship between salt intake and blood pressure, presumably in the hope of protecting its soft drink sales."