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You write "the right wing Keynesians such as yourself, and others preeminently from the University of Chicago, support monetary policy." How do you know that I "support monetary policy?" Actually, I think we should have a price level target, implemented by a rule, functioning almost exactly like the idealized gold standard.
Phillips's theme is that the redefinition of "science" and "natural science" was preeminently a question of sociability (rather than methodological philosophy), specifically personal interaction, boundary keeping, and assertions of authority among various social groups.
Don Graham, a professor of English and American literature at the University of Texas in Austin, said McMurtry is ''preeminently a storyteller.''
Madhavi Mudgal comprising of six dance forms representing the diversity of India's culture Bharatanatyam of Tamil Nadu (and the rest of southern India); Kathak, preeminently the dance of northern India; Odissi, from Odisha in eastern India; Manipuri from Manipur, the north-eastern State of India; Kathakali of Kerala at the southern tip of the Indian peninsula;
We are honored to join with the preeminently creative IBM team in the development of our healthcare analytics program,” said Gull.
Those who are impressed with the highly scientific methods of Europe and think of American practice as rough and ready, may be surprised to hear that in America the use of recording apparatus, such as water meters, temperature and pressure recorders, etc., is far more extensive than in Germany, while the use of systems where all the recording apparatus are concentrated in the operator's cabin is preeminently American.
The preeminently customizable body features toy-like simplicity with easily removable and installable body panels and enables the adoption of a wide range of color and design combinations.
Christopher Hitchens is preeminently in the second group.
If the biblical, metaphorical bonds are after all preeminently economic ones, and if "debt" did replace "burden" and "stain," might we not be called to look more closely at our finances the way early church members once did?
We cheer the flashy moves, preeminently the dunk, where another airborne missile rises from the foul line, floats to the hoop, and dunks the ball emphatically over the forest of trees known as the defense.
This, added to his choice of "genres"--hidden-in-plain-sight figures such as flags, alphabets, and numbers--all dotingly painted in encaustic (and superbly drawn, too, mustn't forget drawing, as Johns's gift is preeminently graphic), was noteworthy from the outset.