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The data are useful not only for preestimate of the formation rate of hot spring deposits (i.e., scale) within a water pipe, but also for the validation of the potential of C[O.sub.2] and [Mg.sup.2+] as additives to suppress the scale formation.
In order to reduce the map searching scope, UKF algorithm was proposed to fuse GNSS signal and dead reckoning to preestimate vehicle's position.
we preestimate the association with the linear specification for the exchange rate Euro/US dollar and Japanese yen/US dollar.
A spreadsheet-based power estimation tool (XPE) provided by Xilinx is used to preestimate the power consumption of the design by importing data from the ISE.
The OED also has the unhyphenated yet accented spelling preestimate.
A mastication model of P(NR/HAF) is based on the quadratic equation, and comparison between measured value and predicted value showed that the quadratic model could fit and preestimate the mastication properties of P(NR/HAF) pretty well.
Such clauses are often referred to as "liquidated damages clauses." (A clause of this type should not be confused with a limitation of liability clause, the intent of which is to place a cap on the damages that the "innocent" party can obtain from the party in breach.) A clause fixing the amount that will be paid by one party to another on breach will be upheld if the court regards it as being a genuine preestimate of loss, but struck down if the court regards it as being a penalty.
Rather, it will be struck down only where the figure is so large that it cannot properly be said to be a genuine preestimate of loss.
More specifically, similar in spirit to our recent work [17], we directly use the observed data to compute the approximate analysis sparse representation of the original signals, without having to preestimate X for learning the dictionary.
As per preestimates, FIFA 2014 was expected to create 1 million roaming connections and 300 percent increase in data traffic for 8 weeks as compared with normal traffic in Brazil.
Logistics demand prediction is preestimates and predictions of the cargo traffic, source, flow, velocity, and other goods constituting in the area which have not occurred or is not yet clear, so as to meet the scale of regional logistics demand and hierarchy of needs.