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that he was aware of the idea of the soul's preexistence. However,
Thus, it is true that Nyssen "rejected the idea of souls existing outside of mortal bodies," or better, he rejected the idea of souls existing outside of bodies tout court', but it is not the case that he therefore "offered a teaching on apokatastasis no longer consonant with Origen's." In fact, Origen never affirmed the preexistence of disembodied souls, nor did Gregory ever state that the soul comes into existence together with the mortal body (Gregory was all too aware of the "perishability axiom").
A few things account for this success: the preexistence of solid institutions, which definitely contributed to avoiding violence, and strong and stable institutions, which are vital ingredients for organizing peaceful elections.
Panpsychists and dualists both believe in 'preexistence' (drawing upon another seventeenth-century idea).
186, "negotiated settlements with good faith and give and take on all sides" would lead to "the reconciliation of the preexistence of aboriginal societies with the sovereignty of the Crown".
35(1) must be directed towards the reconciliation of the preexistence of Aboriginal societies with the sovereignty of the Crown.
My husband and I, both perpetual theology students (we met in divinity school), have taken to describing our daughter as the lone believer in "the preexistence of the Cookie" (her nickname de jour).
The most famous of these, The Civic Culture, by Gabriel Almond and Sydney Verba claimed that the success of democracy was due to the preexistence. of a 'civic culture." To find this out, they created an idealized model of American and British culture, which they took to be very successful, and then interviewed people in five countries, including the US and UK, to assess their attitudes toward democracy.
Cooper uses deified corporeality as a prism through which to observe Maximus's broader thought, organizing his exploration into chapters on corporeality and, respectively, (1) divine concealment (that is, epistemology and revelation); (2) the cosmos, including issues of cause and preexistence; dualist and meonic understandings of evil; corporeality as evil, punitive, or salutary; the relationship between the logoi (God's original ideas or principles, akin to the Platonic forms) of creation and the Logos from and in whom all logoi derive their existence; the neo-Platonist conception of procession and return as a paradigm for interpreting Gen.
These institutions implied the preexistence of local networks where formal and informal forms of authority established traditions of self-governance.
For the real origins of rabbinic thought--when ideas of the preexistence of Torah and oral tradition supplement themes of covenant and afterlife retribution--one must wait for a subsequent volume in which the author plans to continue this survey of intellectual history from Daniel to the Mishnah.
Van der Peet, (31) where it described section 35 as the constitutional framework within which the preexistence of distinctive Aboriginal societies with their own traditions, practices, and cultures is acknowledged and reconciled with the sovereignty of the Crown.