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Caption: FIGURE 1: (a) X-ray of right wrist showing fracture of the scaphoid and preexistent osteoarthritis of the STT- joint.
In the Second String Sextet, the basic character of the preexistent material and its subsequent contrapuntal treatment helped to generate a new type of scherzo, projecting gravitas through subdued dynamics, minor mode, and fugal elaboration.
This study investigated whether differences in the body's physique and composition were preexistent in young, premenarchal ballerinas and female athletes in aesthetic sport disciplines before training was started.
All of this is saying that, in the final analysis, means and ends must cohere because the end is preexistent in the means, and ultimately destructive means cannot bring about constructive ends.
it does not plainly reflect a preexistent gender ideology or culture, but is constantly involved in the ongoing negotiation of these" (p.
When a poet finds what might be termed a real subject he or she tends to feel just that way during the course of writing, as though the poem were somehow preexistent.
The third main way of attributing divinity to Jesus portrays him as the incarnation of a preexistent divine being, as in the Fourth Gospel.
The court concluded that although the nurse was "predisposed" to her allergy and was, no doubt, suffering from the disease of latex allergy, an injury occurred when a preexistent disease made the nurse more susceptible to a work-related injury.
They sometimes imply narratives, yet without positing the entrances, exits, and arcs of any particular preexistent story line.
To accept the dualist claim is to acknowledge that a thing or being may be inherently evil; whereas schoolmen like Aquinas argued that evil was essentially a corruption of preexistent good.