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US PREFABRICATED HOUSING SHIPMENTS (thousand units) Annual Growth Item 1999 2004 2009 04/99 09/04 Prefabricated Housing Shipments 432 215 200 -13.
With the older generation they remember the prefabricated houses of the past which were really a product for the homeless to replace buildings destroyed by the war, which you can still see up by St Fagans.
Kubota decided on the transaction in expectation of sustainable growth in its subsidiary's prefabricated house business under Sanyo management instead of Kubota.
Japanese government officials said they will charter commercial vessels to ship another 500 prefabricated houses to Turkey.
Yellowstone will be tightly integrated with Informix Decision Frontier Solution Suite and upcoming prefabricated data warehousing templates for retail, telecommunications and finance, enabling rapid deployment of data analysis applications.
Whether it's a completely enclosed Caribbean resort in some Third World country, a prefabricated ski city like Aspen or Vail, or a holiday at Las Vegas or Atlantic City, more and more of us seem to be escaping from the ordinary by going to places that have an eerie air of unreality about them, places without any substantial history, beauty, or community and with all the real charm and personality of an all-night truck stop.
Modular prefabricated buildings of virtually unlimited size are available to the market.
com)-- Free quotes for prefabricated steel buildings in Alabama can now be availed from the steel building resource, CitySteelBuildings.
FHWA's Highways for LIFE program recently won a MarCom Gold Award from the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals for the program's DVD toolkit on prefabricated bridge elements and systems.
BUILT towards the end of the Second World War, prefabricated homes were intended to be a temporary solution to the housing shortage.
Dubai: Al Jaber Group on Monday said it has launched Dorce Middle East Prefabricated Buildings and Construction LLC - a subsidiary specialised in the manufacturing of modular buildings, accommodation containers, pre-engineered steel construction buildings and villas.
For these examples demonstrate that prefabricated homes--not as 'housing', but as products--form a market to which architects can and should make an informed, expert contribution.