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Taher, who is managing director of Smart MEP Solutions, noted that a growing number of trade contractors are taking their projects to factories or prefabrication facilities, and then transporting the prefabricated products to the site for installation or final assembly.
The most obvious benefits of prefabrication are that it can offer a quicker, better quality, more efficient solution than traditional methods.
He remarked that the use of prefabrication in the region is becoming more commonly applied, discussed, or even specified as a method of construction by clients and consultants.
BIM helps enable prefabrication of tightly integrated MEP systems, allowing designers to maximize space for other uses in high-tech buildings like hospitals'-As BIM's use becomes more widespread and sophisticated, it is expected that prefab and modular construction will increase dramatically in the coming years."
Prefabrication is being deployed by Khansaheb to build Sport Society, which involves 60,000m3 of concrete and 8,165 tonnes (t) of steel across six floors -- including the basements and the roof.
Tender documentation can be downloaded every working day from 8.00 am to 4.00 pm on the Protocol of BH Telecom dd Sarajevo, (enter address) with the obligatory attachment of a written request for taking over the tender documentation and proof of payment of fee no .: 69802/19 for the tender documentation for procurement of construction and prefabrication works for the construction of the PM Downtown, include Mejta, Dalmatinska and Bjelave with the correct address and contact telephone of the offeror and delivery of the same to the fax number: +38733 256-171 or to the e-mail of the contact person from the notification and the same can be sent by ordinary mail to interested suppliers.
One of the advantages of prefabrication is the reduction in the amount of on-site work required.
During the meeting, the Chinese company's leader briefed Mr Alyani on his company's projects and said that his company had expertise in constructing homes and buildings through prefabrication technology in a short period of time besides having experience in agriculture production through minimum use of water.
Time is also saved in prefabrication and final assembly.
Management training involves 200 managers and focuses on client and employee relations, prefabrication, safety and productivity.
"Owners tell us that they want to use more prefabrication and offsite construction in their projects but don't know where to begin," notes Griffith.
Based in the UK and with a focus on European markets, Mezzanine International is reportedly highly regarded as a leader in the design, prefabrication and installation of custom work platforms and structural mezzanine systems.