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or indirectly, to "excuse the preface" and get on to the book
Both Norberg (2012) and Dimitriu (2009) also discuss the practical aspects of the translator's account as presented in the preface. Norberg (2012, p.
In the usually limited space that translators are granted to present their work and discuss its nuances as well as the methods and solutions adopted to solve the various challenges encountered along the way, the translator's preface or note (which at times is tacked on to the introduction or smuggled into the acknowledgments) represents a rare exception.
Diwan-E-Meer Mohammad Afzal Sabit Ilah Abadi with Preface about the Life and Work of the Poet and Evaluation of His Art and Thought (D: 1150-1750).
The twenty-one prefaces themselves, arranged in chronological order from Almayer's Folly to The Rescue, and with the original versions of A Personal Record's "A Familiar Preface" and Victory's author's note, bear fidelity to the 1937 Dent edition down to the least punctuation mark; and that is what really matters.
With a new preface the author (a professor of English and American studies at Purdue University) updates his reappraisal of a critical moment in American cultural history to engage the reassessments of the politics of Richard Wright's critical reputation and a provocative reading of class struggle in Gwendolyn Brooks' A Street in Bronzeville (1945), and a look at the institutions that comprised Chicago's Black popular front such as the Chicago Defender, the period's leading Black newspaper; Negro Story, the first magazine devoted to publishing short stories by and about African Americans; and the WPA-sponsored South Side Community Art Center.
Framework Agreement for Services Preface of static and dynamic Belastungsprobenauf land bridges, including rental of trucks, signs, traffic control and organization.
This appears to more than justify the analysis of the academic textbook genre to reveal its discourse norms and the comprehensible patterns of the overall genre and its sub-genres, particularly preface sections.
The peculiar teleological position of the printed book's preface, however, provides both a pre-emptive and posthumous defence of Askew's engagement with the Bible, asserting from a retrospective vantage point that, 'in her language [was] the lawe of grace'.
As we shall see, in its role of preface to the Amores the epigram exhibits as much as it hides, and in doing so it serves to perpetuate a structure that, when read for its potential to reveal a given reality, promises yet frustrates knowledge, opens yet simultaneously closes a door to interpretation.
As a young unknown poet, Lamartine appears almost indifferent to the conventions of the preface: the presenter of his ground-breaking poetic anthology Meditations (1820) is not Lamartine himself but rather his friend Eugene Genoude.
MUSCAT: Writer who still cherishes the fond memories of his decade-long stay in the Sultanate of Oman, has chosen to mention the names of the country and His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said in the preface of his book, which is set in his native state of West Bengal in India.