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Gable conjectures that a printer may have distorted the name of the composer cited in the preface by misreading van Collen's handwritten "Bonhomius" as "Bandovius." The fact that the name actually appears in the preface as "Bandovii" (the genitive form) does not alter the issue, which is that to accept Gable's hypothesis, we must be willing to believe that the pri nter not only mistook an o for an a (a possibility in both Latin and German scripts) and an m for a v (less possible), but also misread an h as a d (highly unlikely, considering the differences between these two letters in both scripts).
* This preface by Mark Twain is [c] 2001 by Richard A.
Commentary would customarily consist of analysis and opinion, but this is held in tension in this preface by a largely unresisted impulse towards narrative.