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Each account is prefaced by Bartusiak's words providing historical and scientific context.
The editors have modernized spelling and punctuation, and based their text on the first authorized edition of each work, a choice that they defend by pointing out that while Daniel revised his poetry, "his revisions were not always improvements." Selections, prefaced by a brief discussion of each text's literary characteristics, publication history, and thematic content, include "To the Reader," "Delia," "The Complaint of Rosamund," "A Letter from Octavia to Marcus Antonius," "Musophilus," "A Pastoral," "Certain Epistles," "Ulysses and the Siren," "To the Right Reverend Father in God," "James Montague," and "A Defense of Rhyme." An appendix includes a selection of poems as they appeared in later editions.
In the preface to The Duke of Lerma, Howard replied in a rather more personal tone, but Dryden had the final word in the crushing Defence of an Essay of Dramatick Poesie prefaced to The Indian Emperour (performed 1665).