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Several early prefaces serve as windows into Hemingway's
The present paper aims to examine translators' prefaces in literary translations from Malay into English.
The present focus, similarly to Oktar and Kansu-Yetkiner's, (3) is intentionally narrower than the others, as it only takes into account prefaces to English translations of Dante's entire Divine Comedy or of individual cantiche.
In the top-down procedure, moves were identified on the basis of function or content of the prefaces (the data of this study).
10) With the ways in which Askew's texts resist Bale's interpretative frame already an active and productive site of current scholarship, this essay focuses precisely on Bale's framing activity, arguing that male-authored prefaces such as Bale's shed important light on the ways women's texts were produced, circulated, and consumed in the early modern literary market.
Derrida's position is similar to Lejeune's in that Derrida also grants prefaces full control of the core text.
Lamartine then continues to compose the prefaces to a four-volume collection of his poetry (1834)--a preface titled Les Destinees de la poesie--and to his two epic poems Jocelyn (1836) and La Chute d'un ange (1838).
Celine Masbou likewise presents a fine example of an analysis of a scholarly preface in her study of Father Brumoy's presentation of Le Theatre des Grecs.
Her actions involve the same activities associated with writing that James describes in the prefaces.
That is why the prefaces to their original editions were often signed by fictitious personae.
Quinn's comparative analysis of a variety of pre-Safavid and Safavid prefaces is meticulous; but the question arises as to whether we are dealing with specific examples of imitation (despite frequent similarities in wording) or with well-established conventions.