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But whatever their intentions, and despite their prefatorial denials of personal animus, anti-Jacobin writers do function as 'Executioners', when they 'expose the person himself, as an example to others'.
Of all John Dryden's prefatorial disclosures, it would be difficult to find a better example of the poet's genius and temperament than his last opening sally, made in his Preface to Fables Ancient and Modern (1700): "I have built a House, where I intended but a lodge.
Vanitas cannot see the difference between this text and the other xiaoshuo, a misreading that gives the Stone the chance to restate the prefatorial comments at tached to chapter one and to trumpet the merits of his story, much in the way an auto-commentator would:
To some extent this is met by prefatorial comments on the Ternan
Also worth taking into account is the fact that the customary prefatorial mea culpa has seldom gone that far in its history, as the Genettian typology of the later paratexts (or post factum addresses to fresh readers) could confirm.
warfaring cast, though rhetorically apologetic to it, the paranoid double prefatorial mechanism contradicts, from outside any fictional construct, Calvino's much professed rational credo: 'non c'e nulla di piu falsificabile che l'inconscio' (Se una notte d'inverno, in RR, II, 765).
His mixture of copious illustrations and terse explanations, his conception of the dictionary as both word-list and an intellectual history of an entire national culture, his evoking the prefatorial theme of monumental and solitary labors .
Here particularly was displayed that 'firmness of character' that Barrow had made the theme of his prefatorial Life.
For, from prefatorial remarks that decry divine right doctrine as a "Preposterous Notion," a "Piece of Inconsistence in Reasoning," a "Monster" reared by the party's "usual Artifice," and "A meer Device, and politick Invention, furnish'd from the Fountain of Mischief, viz.
can be less happy, such as that the prefatorial matter is 'droll', even 'ridiculous'.