prefer charges

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Oruko told the court he did not prefer charges against the OCS because Shee was assigned to handle the case.
"We are waiting for the results from the Government Chemist so that we know whether we shall prefer charges against the doctor.The court on August 15, 2019 stopped any plans to bury the student's remains until an application to detain four people accused of her murder is heard and determined.
'It is incorrect to say the police are awaiting our instructions to prefer charges or otherwise, since the investigation on the matter is still ongoing and has not been completed,' he said in a WhatsApp message.
Immediately Prefer Charges Upon Pretrial Confinement: Notwithstanding that Cooley was first put in pretrial confinement on 20 July 2012 and then confined again on 20 December 2012, the first set of charges in the case were not preferred until '9 February 2013.
"This penalty is deemed by many to be too severe which may explain the reluctance to prefer charges.
The reasoning behind Westwood CJA's conclusion with respect to the inability of a prosecutor to prefer charges based on a fault element of negligence when prosecuting ADF members for their conduct in an armed conflict is summarised in Part IV above, but the underlying point is that, save for cases of command responsibility, negligence is not universally recognised under international criminal law as a basis for criminal responsibility.
"Because of the serious nature of the alleged offences, a decision was made in consultation with the Crown Prosecution Service to prefer charges." The 12-year-old is facing court for racially aggravated assault, and the 14-year-old for a racially-aggravated public order offence.
The HRA did not ban the jockeys because it believed they had a case to answer but because the Crown Prosecution Service, the only body with access to all the evidence, believed there was a case to answer, one with "enough evidence to provide a realistic prospect of conviction" - the test the CPS is required to apply when deciding whether to prefer charges. Only time, and a trial, will reveal whether the CPS's judgement was sound.
(16) Any person subject to the UCMJ may prefer charges as the accuser.
We would prefer charges taken from income, not capital.
Tayside Police confirmed they investigated the claims but there were "insufficient grounds to prefer charges".
Police in Bomet said they will prefer charges of murder and carrying excessive passengers on the driver who was among the injured.