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The app also offers preferable combinations of food and beverages to customers.
I think that the oil price of $60-65 is the level preferable for Opec and non-Opec countries now," he was quoted as saying by Russian news agency Tass.
democratic Azerbaijan is by all means preferable for us as a neighbor and negotiating partner in particular.
Burqa of secularism is preferable to the Khakhi shorts of the Italian Fascist of the 1920's.
1 trillion cubic feet, has a lower sulphur content, making it preferable for development, the Edison official, declining to be named, told Reuters on the sidelines of a workshop in Istanbul.
Is a product automatically environmentally preferable if it has recycled content?
These "social enterprises" are then held up as an alternative, and supposedly preferable, model for the provision of core public services, in place of integrated, cohesive public sector operations run by democratically-accountable bodies.
Among the areas covered are public health and environment; energy and energy efficiency; bio-based, recycled content materials or environmentally preferable materials; manufacturing; and reclamation and end-of-life management.
Last-minute holidays abroad are usually preferable to rip-off British prices, where even coach travel and an overnight stay near some dilapidated historic pile can cost pounds 200 per person.
San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders has launched the city's new Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Program or EP3, which requires all departments to use environmental criteria when purchasing products and services.
The steps the state recommends are establishing a recycling program for electronics; adding certain plastics as well as magazines to the list of mandated recyclables; increasing the volume of material available for recycling by expanding the bottle bill to include plastic water bottles; and continuing to support environmentally preferable purchasing by state government.
There's no question that Sherrod Brown was far preferable to Mike DeWine in Ohio ("Which Democratic Party?