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Do you have proper lighting, preferably LED ceiling down lights in 3000 Kelvin color?
Preferably a beer garden somewhere hot with either a swimming pool or a beach."
Draw eyes, mouth and buttons with the felt tip and finally cut a small length of pipe cleaner (preferably orange) to form a carrot nose.
The recipes must contain a maximum of four ingredients, preferably be vegetarian, be simple to prepare with a minimum of equipment, preferably be low in fat and salt, and utilize ingredients available from the Food Bank.
Almost immediately the United States began its efforts to place our combat forces, preferably a division, in Saudi Arabia.
Ottawa -- As the federal government ploughs ahead on its plan to institute a $5 billion national daycare program in Canada, dissenters in several sectors of Canadian society are pointing out that children are far better off being raised at home, preferably by two parents, than in institutionalized settings staffed by unrelated, paid caregivers.
To lessen the effect of H2-receptor antagonists on atazanavir exposure, it is recommended that an H2-receptor antagonist and REYATAZ be administered as far apart as possible, preferably 12 hours apart."
Favorite spring pastime: Playing recreational softball, preferably catcher shortstop
If your users are hooked on IM, but sending corporate information around on public networks, consider a secure standards-based IM solution, preferably one that is integrated with your e-mail system.
Anyone wishing to submit an abstract or summary of a paper for presentation at the meeting should forward it preferably by e-mail to Carolyn Crotogino at
If you happen to be a foreign supplier and you carefully pave the way for the eventual termination of your contract with your distributor (preferably from the moment you decide to enter the Japanese market), much of the above can be avoided.
Enter your email address (preferably your AKO email address), click on the SUBMIT REQUEST button and then make your selections on the next screen and submit.