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Setup: Grab a jug; preferably one in each hand if you have two.
To lessen the effect of H2-receptor antagonists on atazanavir exposure, it is recommended that an H2-receptor antagonist and REYATAZ be administered as far apart as possible, preferably 12 hours apart.
Favorite spring pastime: Playing recreational softball, preferably catcher shortstop
If your users are hooked on IM, but sending corporate information around on public networks, consider a secure standards-based IM solution, preferably one that is integrated with your e-mail system.
Anyone wishing to submit an abstract or summary of a paper for presentation at the meeting should forward it preferably by e-mail to Carolyn Crotogino at ccrotogino@paptac.
To reduce the risk that a long contract term will make the termination or non-renewal process more difficult, you should insist upon a relatively short contract term (not to exceed three years and preferably no more than one year).
Cash rich SPECIALTY APPAREL RETAILER seeking acquisitions of regional or national chains of moderately priced women's or children's apparel groups that specifically sell to ethnic background customers, in preferably non-major mall locations.
A foundry performing grain refinement of yellow brass either with boron or a proprietary grain refiner should ensure that the starting ingot contains a low level of iron, preferably less than the maximum solubility for the operating temperature.
Conditions: "Applicant preferably possesses the following hobbies or talents: social nudism.
We have two excellent Chief opportunities for experienced physician leaders with three (3) years current practice experience and a minimum of one (1) year leadership experience, preferably in a managed care setting.
1, or (2) communicate, preferably in writing, the accountant's relationship to the entity.