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The courts are divided over whether the Section 547(c) (4) new value defense includes paid new value as they have interpreted the meaning of Section 547(c)(4)(B)'s requirement that the new value asserted as a preference defense cannot be paid by an otherwise unavoidable transfer to or for the benefit of the creditor in conflicting ways.
Sebi has recently allowed listing of non-convertible redeemable preference shares, that is, those that are not convertible into equity shares and are redeemed at maturity.
Preference languages are of particular importance in this domain as preferences can be expressed on goals, on actions, and on temporal formulas.
Overall, despite these slight differences and similarities, the preferred learning environment was largely congruent with the actual learning environment, the largest difference being on the scale of Student Interaction and Collaboration where the actual learning environment mean exceeded student preferences by only 0.
An equal preference scheme is more equitable than the present system; it gives a greater real satisfaction rate; and, in Newcastle, it has the added advantage of strengthening the neighbourhood school.
Saari has calculated that in three-candidate elections, depending on the voting system, more than two-thirds of all possible configurations of voters' preferences will yield different outcomes.
The Homework Motivation and Preference Questionnaire (HMPQ; Hong & Milgram, 1998, 2001) was developed to assess an individual's profile of homework motivation and learning preference (i.
Prescreening of the universe of potentially relevant career alternatives, based on the individual's preferences, to locate a small and thus manageable set of promising alternatives that deserve further exploration
Alternatives higher in preference in a string of alternatives like "xzy", are indicated in left to right order: preference s: xzy from Table 1, for example, means that x is preferred to z, z is preferred to y, and x is preferred to y.
There is no means test, there is no citizenship test, there is no residency test; it is a race preference that is given solely based on checking the box.