preferential treatment

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4 percent as a preferential treatment to their (Turkish) local industries, thus negating the spirit of Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between the two countries.
A House official has no problem at all when it comes to the Duterte administration's preferential treatment for a third telecommunications (telco) player in the Philippines.
One is that National Logistic Cell has stated that it gets the preferential treatment from the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) because it follows the regulations laid out by them.
LAHORE -- Members of the All Pakistan Oil Tankers Owner Association (APOTOA) have launched an indefinite nationwide strike January 25 to protest perceived preferential treatment to National Logistic Cell (NLC) tankers.
A new research report by the Pew Research Center highlights 83 countries which have either a state religion or afford one religion preferential treatment over other faith traditions.
Summary: Bengaluru (Karnataka) [India], Sep 16 (ANI): Karnataka Police, DIG D Roopa, who pointed to Sasikala getting preferential treatment in jail,
The high court maintained that there was no preferential treatment given to Enrile given that he was a sitting senator but the grant of bail was due to his health condition.
He claimed that star players who work their way through the FAW/ FAW Trust coach education programme get preferential treatment, are 'allowed' to complete the courses more quickly than 'ordinary folk' and that there is a lack of transparency and accountability within the organisation.
While I wasn't given privilege over local people, on the surface it appeared that my blue passport was given preferential treatment over those in the "working class" who had come to earn a living for their struggling families at home.
Afghanistan pledges preferential treatment to Indian businesses in its economy for the same.
The workshop will provide a general overview of the trade relations between the UAE and Singapore, an overview of preferential treatment in the provisions in the trade of good, an overview of preferential treatment in the provisions in Rules of Origin
President Barack Obama intends to withdraw special privileges granted to Russia because the country is too economically advanced to need preferential treatment reserved for less developed countries, The Hindu cited the White House.