preferential treatment

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In one of their experiments, the researchers looked at how preferential treatment from bosses affects a person's self-worth in their job and willingness to conform to workplace norms.
One prison officer described how she would be "treated with kid gloves" but would not get preferential treatment.
A RADICAL plan to set up a restricted Welsh homeland - Y Fro Gymraeg - where local people would have preferential treatment over jobs and housing is to be unveiled today by the Cymru Annibynnol/ Independent Wales Party It is described as a blueprint for saving the Welsh heartlands.
Observers say racism and the misguided notion that Ethiopian Jews receive preferential treatment triggers the resentment.
HOLLYWOOD star Lindsay Lohan sparked a near riot overnight in jail as unrest grew over what inmates claim is preferential treatment.
Washington, November 28 (ANI): Acclaimed director Roman Polanski received preferential treatment when jailed in Switzerland, his former cellmate has claimed.
The Press Complaints Commission said the Mail on Sunday was wrong to use the 11-year-old to highlight claims she had been given preferential treatment because she was the PM's child.
HOLLYWOOD star Lindsay Lohan is said to have sparked a near riot overnight in jail as unrest grew over alleged preferential treatment.
DIRK KUYT has ridiculed suggestions he was given preferential treatment during the Champions League showdown with Arsenal - even though he admits he does know the referee.
But he never wanted preferential treatment and we respect him for that."
WALES goalkeeper Wayne Hennessey hopes to star against Germany to prove a point to Manchester City after claiming he quit the club because they gave Kasper Schmeichel preferential treatment.
But Holmes is still adamant he did not give the world No.1 preferential treatment, claiming: "Woods is one of the least intimidating players on tour to referee."