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Through cooperation between the CSC and LTE base station, radio resources were preferentially allocated to vehicles that were approaching pedestrians who were crossing intersections and subsequent vehicles to deliver warning information within the target delay of 100 milliseconds.
The scientists found that neurons in the right amygdala responded preferentially to pictures of animals, whether they were of cute little critters or threatening big beasts.he amygdalae are two almond-shaped groups of neurons located deep within the brain.
This will increase the taxable benefit of many cars that were chosen because they currently enjoy a preferentially low tax rate.
"The investigators have conducted the largest such trial of MRI screening in high-risk individuals, and their new report that MRI screening appears to be preferentially useful in BRCA1 mutation carriers as compared to BRCA2 has potentially practice-changing implications," said Dr.
According to the companies, BRINAVESS acts preferentially in the atria and is the first product in a new class of pharmacologic agents for cardioversion of AF to launch in the EU.
However, our data indicated that parrotfish are preferentially feeding on encrusting and massive corals and avoiding branching coral morphotypes (X2 = 148.52, df = 3, p < 0.01).
Men who have sex with men (MSM) have dramatically changed their sexual behaviour in response to HIV, partly by preferentially selecting sex partners with concordant HIV status and preferentially using condoms with partners of discordant status--a practice termed serosorting.
Greer (4) observed that B, irregularis preferentially constricts larger prey and a combination of both envenomation and constriction may be used in the wild (3).
"The agreement, ensuring an opportunity to enter markets preferentially, will contribute to rise competitive power and encouragement of foreign investments," the statement said.
VANCOUVER, Canada -- Peer reviewers for biomedical journals preferentially rate manuscripts with positive health outcomes as better, a new study reports.
The vulcanizing machine includes a mold mechanism such as a lower side mold (5) and an upper side mold (25) and the like, which removably accommodate a green tire (4), an agitating mechanism (30), which agitates a heating pressure medium such as nitrogen gas or the like, which vulcanization molds the green tire (4) by heating the green tire (4) while pressing it against the mold mechanism, and an induction heating mechanism (41), which preferentially heats the agitating mechanism.
platelet derived growth factor receptor protein which preferentially binds to the AA homodimer and AB heterodimer forms of platelet derived growth factor and also binds the BB homodimer at high affinity, is described.