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Overmatured preferment can lead to excessive strength and, eventually, to acid levels that are so high they cause gluten deterioration.
Since his primary purpose in coming to London (securing the 'First Fruits' for the benefit of the Church of Ireland) was quickly accomplished, his staying must be attributed in part to his desire for preferment and his realization that with the political ascendancy of his friends his chance was as close as it could be.
Dennis Canavan sniped: "In this government, there seems to be a system of patronage whereby people get ministerial preferment, not because of their service to the Labour Party and not because of their service in the Commons.
Nockles traces the "Z's" ecclesiastical influence and theological positions from 1760 - when George III ascended the throne and High Churchmen again began to receive hierarchical preferment - to 1857 and the aftermath of two pivotal ecclesiastical decisions.
Mary Magdalen's hospital, seemingly his sole preferment.
Disaffected with his lack of courtly preferment, and isolated by the death of his patrons, Spenser is arguably making |a new statement of poetic self-reliance' (95).
The younger right-wing high steppers, looking for preferment at the Heritage Foundation or on the editorial pages of The Wall Street Journal, lack issues.
His fame as a preacher soon spread, bringing crowds of pilgrims to Clairvaux, but Bernard refused all offers of ecclesiastical preferment.
In Separate remarks Acting Internal Affairs Minister, Varney Sirleaf, Fredrick Foboi, Chief Executive Officer of Associated Builders and Magdalena Fahnbulleh thanked President Sirleaf for their preferment and her continued development agenda especially in the final stage of her administration.
He could flatter with the best of them occasionally but he was never a careerist, a brown-noser, a systematic butterer-up of those who could get him preferment.
I will vote in favour of the motion and, in so doing, I will very likely relinquish my position as parliamentary private secretary to the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, which will disappoint me but some things are more important than party preferment.