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Yeast, salt, and stiff preferments are added to the dough after an autolyse because both ingredients work to counter its effects.
Liquid preferments like poolish or liquid levain must be incorporated at the beginning of the mixing process even if an autolyse is done because their low yeast content won't really affect dough strength.
This chapter deals with very flavorful yeast breads that are made with preferments. The word preferment means "to ferment before." Doughs made with preferments are prepared in stages.
There are several different types of preferments. Some are thick and stiff like a dough, whereas others are thin like a batter.
Depending on the type of product to be baked, production scheduling, and available equipment, bakers can select from a number of different preferments. These include prefermented dough, poolish, sponge, and biga.
Poolish Poolish is one of the first preferments ever elaborated with commercial yeast.
Managing director Martyn Lytollis said "These preferments recognise the individual talents of the seven people concerned, their loyalty to the firm and our commitment to their career development.
This book provides many formulas that have multiple preferments and sourdough feedings.
This process serves as a starting point for introducing different preferments and alternative fermentation techniques to create unique flavor profiles and adaptable production schedules.
When using preferments, the principles of baker's percentage stay the same.
Canadian Churchman asked the question: Is there an age limit to ecclesiastical preferment to usefulness in the Church of England?
Autolyse, working with liquid preferment (favoring protease activity), or the addition of deactivated yeast would be some ways to decrease dough elasticity and get better working characteristics.