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An award finalist for ForeWord Magazine's Book of the Year, New Menopausal Years The Wise Woman Way: Alternative Approaches for Women 30-90 is an introduction to dealing with myriad problems resulting from menopause, preferrable without relying on medicines but rather natural nutritional remedies and supplements.
Odom says the company's Routech Ergon routing center really shines when it comes to producing parts quickly and accurately, in many cases preferrable to using a saw.
It's preferrable to believe the team is currently where it deserves to be.
I agree that free agent learning is preferrable. Don't they say that a year on the job is like four in school?
Not only that, the writing itself is plodding and beset by many grammatical mistakes and orthographic errors (preferrable) and confounding block with bloc (as p.
While the constant rate assumption undoubtedly has certain shortcomings, the question then becomes, What are the alternatives that might be proposed and are they preferrable?
But for all that, it's a serious and intelligent discussion, which is certainly preferrable to the tedious, trivial and unimaginative discourse that too often masquerades as analysis in public relations literature and trade publications.
Nevertheless, for the purposes of this article "junk science" is defined by a similar circular definition, namely, "junk science equals invalid science." It would have been preferrable to avoid the term completely.
Therefore when studying constraint propagation in full generality it is preferrable not to limit one's attention to closures.
With the low exchange rate of the rupiah, locally produced flesh milk has been increasingly preferrable to milk processors.
Temporary work arrangements are preferrable to client companies in situations that are not conducive to hiring permanent staff.
Although there is a lively literature on whether the two-step or one-step procedure is preferrable, the matter is moot here.