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But for all that, it's a serious and intelligent discussion, which is certainly preferrable to the tedious, trivial and unimaginative discourse that too often masquerades as analysis in public relations literature and trade publications.
Therefore when studying constraint propagation in full generality it is preferrable not to limit one's attention to closures.
With the low exchange rate of the rupiah, locally produced flesh milk has been increasingly preferrable to milk processors.
Temporary work arrangements are preferrable to client companies in situations that are not conducive to hiring permanent staff.
Although there is a lively literature on whether the two-step or one-step procedure is preferrable, the matter is moot here.
Los Angeles City Councilwoman Jackie Goldberg said a settlement was preferrable to making what could be a larger payout in a jury award.
It was believed that this pre-announced but gradualist approach to reining back the deficit was preferrable to a more severe but instant contraction since the latter would run the risk of stalling the nascent recovery in its tracks.
In our judgement, however, adherence to the underlying conceputal arguments and more conservative test of hypotheses are preferrable to any potential gain in statistical power that may result from
They approached us, and the acquisition was preferrable to setting up our own commercial department because they already had the expertise," says Chee.
A preferrable measure of income would exclude tax-exempt investment income.
There is also lack of consensus regarding which surgical technique is preferrable for infantile esotropia.
For instance, when a user wants to email while watching a TV show on a mobile phone, it would be preferrable that both services appear on the screen of the mobile phone at the same time, through dynamic scene recomposition by the rich media environment, instead of a single service monopolizing all resources.