preferred standing

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I attended our local remembrance service along with four other Plaid councillors, two members including myself preferred standing in silence during the singing of the loyalist anthem.
Table 2 Means (and Standard Deviations) for Self-Objectification and Related Variables According to Standing Preference in Aerobics Rooms Preferred standing position within the aerobics room Back Middle Front Anywhere Self-objectifcation 4.
It was not rocket science for me to figure out as to why passengers preferred standing near to where I was seated.
She also famously preferred standing at matches and only reluctantly accepted her seat in the director's box after her injury five years ago.
Admitting he had failed to beg for more supporting votes, Hui warned those who preferred standing still to ''shoulder the consequences.
Our depth of experience and preferred standing with Lawson will enable our clients to benefit from ACS' superior performance and more extensive resources, while capitalizing on Lawson's strengths.
In his report Dr Frosdick said there was no safety risk for those who preferred standing, but he did reveal complaints had been received from people sitting in the Ninian Stand who said their view had been obstructed.
She preferred standing, and only reluctantly accepted her seat in the director's box five years ago.

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