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Learning from Occupy's missteps, WPAs should approach prefiguration cautiously, to seek places where they can operate within the culture of academia to improve the status of contingent faculty.
As with prefiguration, there is a key temporal dimension to the mode of configuration, concerning (to borrow Frank Kermode's phrase) "the sense of an ending" in which meaning is made by and as a story progresses towards an end point, and is only understood retrospectively from that end point when the story can be seen as a whole.
And then he returns to the assertion of the prefiguration, even instantiation, of this in musical performance: "But only in music, and on rare occasions, does the curtain actually lift on this dream of community, and it's tantalisingly conjured, before fading away with the last note.
It thus occupies the position of Christian spirituality, whereas pure inwardness occupies the position of mere potential, prefiguration, Judaic anticipation" (p.
The second part, however, uses typological exegesis to present a detailed representation of Job as a prefiguration of Christ.
Unlike foreshadowing, which connotes a kind of authorial predestination and prefiguration, narrative sideshadowing allows readers to dispatch with traditionally fixed notions of temporality and perceive instead the anisotropic - or multidirectional - qualities of time that narratives attempt to replicate.
It is the world of work, in a striking prefiguration of the stress-addicted eighties, that provides the characters with their ruling passions, to an extent all but unprecedented in any other French film (outside the work of Godard) known to me.
Ironic prefiguration in Heroides is normally realized through intertextual anticipation: the future events that are prefigured are present in the texts of the model epic or tragedy.
He travels with each one to throw light on his customs and traditions and to reveal to him that these are a prefiguration, distant but certain, of him, the elder of a multitude of brothers and sisters.
Hyde astutely notes how the flowering staff evokes at once the vegetative rites of the pagan "wild man" and Aaron's rod, itself a prefiguration of Christ and his ecclesiastical staff.
Yet it is now possible, I think, to view Hurston's work as a striking prefiguration of theories articulated in Clifford Geertz's recent writings about the limitations of Boasian attitudes toward ethnography.
The best was yet to come, for the outbreak of the American Revolution in 1776 could be rightly compared with the nativity of Christ, with William Penn's Quaker |Holy Experiment' as a prefiguration.