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Rossetti's translation of the Vita Nuova is exactly that kind of text--less a translation, in the ordinary sense, than a raising from the dead through a secular reinvention of a key Christian economy, prefiguration.
The differences between the two views of the Maubuisson garden could serve, of course, as prefigurations of the divergent paths Pissarro and Cezanne would follow.
hindsight of history, seeking prefigurations of the future in the past.
21) Certainly in Kafka's fiction the abundance of both "non-oriented states of soul" and phantasmagoria are significant surrealist prefigurations.
The importance of Abraham had been recognised by Christian theologians from St Paul onwards, and episodes such as Abraham with the angels and the sacrifice of Isaac had been interpreted by the early church fathers as prefigurations of the Trinity and the Crucifixion.
New Orleans offers model prefigurations of urban crossculturalism and our most authoritative sources of "modern time.
365) and reminds us that we should take stock of these prefigurations on empire that are casually translated into "comfort and added good" (p.
Even though the Church honored the patriarchs of the Old Testament, whom it viewed as typological prefigurations of the holy men of the New, Hebrews who descended from the stained glass windows to the stage did not escape stigmatization, h was, for instance, apparently not uncommon to see Abraham, Jacob, and Esau wearing, along with their biblical costumes, the special hats or badges that marked their affiliation with an accursed race.
Even the Apocalypse might not save America, whose ascendancy could simply be yet another of history's prefigurations of the End.
Then other fictionalizings intervene, like so many "turns of the ,screw," in the form of narrative seeds, schemas, outlines of itineraries, prefigurations of greater or lesser precision that are often geometrical or arithmetic in nature and based on sketches, maps, number games.