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We turn here to the growing work on prefigurative politics as a way for pushing beyond the present moment and rethinking the question of the inter-relation between education and social revolutions.
Nor is it easy establishing and defending prefigurative alternatives and alternative policies and designs.
This section considers how the prefigurative extends to comments on what potential contributors cannot do.
Prefigurative and subversive practices were never more evident than in the wave of Occupy encampments that swept the world in the latter half of 2011.
The second 12 of the 24 contributions deal with reflections on the limits of prefigurative politics, the feminist movement, developmental education schools, emotional commitment, and a mesogenetic methodology, among other topics.
Following this interpretation then, Ordenanzas should be understood as a text which served as prefigurative propaganda in support of the kinds of changes which the Bourbon reform efforts sought to implement some four decades after Ordenanzas was written.
Detailing parents' and students' subjective assessment concerning the costs and benefits of college, Morgan (2005) specifies the process by which the assessment influences prefigurative and preparatory commitment.
Recent social movements are reliant on digital infrastructure and infused with protester desires for what is often called prefigurative politics--creating spaces of alternative existence in resistance to and the rejection of markets and authorities.
47) In other cases, a slight pictorial deviation from the biblical account could also serve to emphasize the prefigurative nature of Habakkuk's gift.
I connect Occupy with writing program administration to argue for administrative action grounded in prefigurative practices, practices which seek to "build a new society in the shell of the old" (Graeber 142).
The antimarket localists focus on democratic, decentralized, prefigurative communities and methods of production.