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There is clearly a persistent negative bias toward telecoms, which may prefigure an increased likelihood of CDS negative implied rating volatility,' said Author and Managing Director Jonathan Di Giambattista.
The quiet narrative provides many anecdotal descriptions and detail about young Karol's early years, with many connection that prefigure his eventual destiny.
In other words, Harper's novels prefigure these later arguments, and this calls into question the commonly held belief that Harper never wrote political fiction; it also documents the fact that Harper actively considers the racial and gender implications of racial equality.
Case in point: the Dutch sculptor Adriaen de Vries (1556-1626), a technical virtuoso whose vibrant and athletic bronzes prefigure Rodin's as much as they extend the legacy of Michelangelo.
But just as the preposterous band of gentleman brigands Shakespeare stirs intohis plot seem to prefigure the banished court in As You Like It, their wild environment perhaps shares the redemptive magic of Shakespeare's own Forest of Arden.
In this first American edition of a new biography of James Joyce (1882-1941), Bowker the British author of biographies of George Orwell, Lawrence Durrell, and Malcolm Lowry begins his portrait of Joyce's complex personality, influences, and writings with intriguing anecdotes that prefigure themes relating to the Irish author's struggles with sexuality and Catholicism, politics, and popular culture that appeared in his works.
Such Pauline prescriptions prefigure the tight Church organization that would be one factor in its victory over paganism.
That would be easier than arguing that these ebullient Brazilians somehow prefigure Philip Glass, Eleanor Antin, and the Bechers.
That Sue's bizarre, vaguely comic anecdote should prefigure a much uglier and bloodier incident, involving a pair of gay men unlucky enough to be in Central Park at the wrong time of night, is indicative of LaBute's chilling ability to conceal big, nasty surprises in pretty packages.
Addressing the "problem of religion" in Alberti (who thus seems to prefigure Rabelais), Paoli discusses the humanist's distance from orthodox views, as reflected in his satire of ecclesiastical institutions and in his avoidance of overtly Christian language and references.
Elements of that petition prefigure our own Bill of Rights: It demanded an end to summary imprisonment without just cause, the quartering of soldiers in private homes, and the use of martial law measures during peacetime.