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20pm Eadweard Muybridge pioneered the creation of photographic techniques that prefigured modern cinema and the digital age.
The prefigured model by the BMW Gran Coupe concept will join by the 6 Series range and will debut in a major Auto Show during the 2012.
Curiously, the political stunts of Norman Gunston (aka Garry McDonald) in the mid-1970s, which prefigured those of The Chaser team, are overlooked.
The second, which Benjamin discusses, arises from the confusion of styles in architecture during the nineteenth century--that debate which prefigured the emergence of what architects recognise as modern architecture.
One shinty club which played at Stamford Bridge prefigured the success of Chelsea FC more than a century before Roman Abramovich's revolution.
His ministry prefigured a contemporary model of priesthood: engagement with the world, ecumenical sensitivity, cooperation with laity.
Whether at a political forum or supporting another artist such as Amiri Baraka or Sonia Sanchez, or demonstrating his verbal skills (which prefigured rap) to upcoming spoken-word folks on Def Poetry Jam, Oscar was ubiquitous.
Rather than focusing on the period just prior to the rebellions, the author quite rightfully picks up the story in the 1740s, when a short-lived spate of Andean peasant rebellions prefigured the later, much more massive ones.
That future is prefigured in the case of Tim Jones--an industrious, law-abiding man of modest means being driven off his land by the same forces who helped the Rockefellers set up their riverside estate.
The verse is taken to prove that the Qur'an already prefigured the Big Bang theory.
In a chronologically ambitious essay, Heinz Schott illustrates that the imagination and even magnetic qualities in Paracelsus prefigured the "animal magnetism" described by the nineteenth-century figure Franz Anton Mesmer.
Also, her assumption into heaven prefigured the glorification of all who will be saved.