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The first time we see him, not only is he trapped in a car wash that prefigures the bus sinking into a mountain lake, he's trying to speak to his daughter on a cell phone that he's having a hard time hearing clearly.
17 to the Mystical Path leading to unity with Christ, a short tract on the Witch of Endor that prefigures Byzantine interest in demonology) and the New Testament (Lord's Prayer, Beatitudes, 1 Corinthians).
Muslims naturally feel the force of the challenge, whether or not they understand its exact nature, and some of them think that it would be an adequate defense of Islam to demonstrate that there is no conflict between the Qur'an and science or, going a step further, that the Quran prefigures modern science.
Rinaldi also suggests that the etymology "homo-humus" found in Tertullian and Lactantius prefigures the final transformation of Momus, whose choleric nature he links both to Alberti's personal emblem of the lion and to the God of Lactantius's De ira Dei.
As the lecturer, Alex (David Haig), persuades a pretty blonde student (Fiona Glascott) to help him reconstruct the film at his Greek island villa, they discover that this early footage prefigures the famous Pyscho scene.
A sloping ceiling rising to a height of 8m, prefigures the angle of tiered seating for the (Buiten) outdoor theatre on the roof.
Mobbs in the detention of Yaser Hamdi prefigures the fashion in which the Bush administration's Star Chamber would operate: A minor bureaucrat, acting on the supposed authority of King George, sentenced an American-born individual to prison without a trial or a right to appeal.
We lose touch with the ancient and continuous historical understanding that this verse prefigures the One who is righteous, Christ the Lord.
Alberto Girri prefigures 'to a surprising degree' recent literary theory (p.
This book prefigures a unity that will ultimately encompass our society as a whole, despite the resistance of bigots on the right or the left.
It prefigures the work that was to occupy Warton for the rest of his life: The History of English Poetry from the Close of the Eleventh to the Commencement of the Eighteenth Century, 3 vol.
This modification prefigures the development of the activity of the Company and allows it to explore possible equity based capital raise.