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Fichte's discussion of the will and its project of unification is certainly the most original part of the text, prefiguring some core doctrines that appear in the ceaseless revisions that Fichte would make during his Jena and (early) Berlin periods to his Wissenschaftslehre.
The sale will be seen by staff at the Liverpool headquarters of R&SA's UK life and pensions business as prefiguring the disposal of their operation.
The stylish Princess was one of the most eligible woman in the world but her private life was tortured as true love eluded her, prefiguring the turbulent and troubled romantic disappointments that dogged Diana.
Prefiguring the house, this pavilion on a raised deck is a confection of gables and bays with intersecting corrugated metal canopies oversailing the wooden structure.
Rubenstein's disquieting book The Cunning of History postulated that competition -- the presence of a population for which there was no clear social use -- was the force that prompted the ruling powers of Germany and England in World War I to treat their young men as simply redundant, expendable, prefiguring the massive destruction of civilian populations under Hitler and Stalin.
Opening its doors in fall 1997, it was the River Market District's first eatery, prefiguring the openings of The Flying Saucer Draught Emporium, 6 Bridges Bar & Grill, the Underground Pub, the Pour House Bar & Grill and Sonny Williams Steak Room.
My conspiracy-theory friends read this anti-aureolist behavior as prefiguring the new healthcare model for women, but I find it a fitting illustration of the real Victorian value: not shame, but denial.
In offering organic seeds, Seeds of Change is prefiguring an entire new segment of an industry.
So when a $549 PE120 review model arrived from Xerox, I was kind of prefiguring where I'd be disappointed.
A difference certainly exists between the terrorism of violence and the terror of seduction, but these two forms of praxis are structurally linked in what we might call a terror system, just as in the 1976 film Network Faye Dunaway's maniacal television executive packages video documentation of a California terrorist cell as a hit program (a prescient prefiguring of "reality TV").
Uncannily prefiguring 1990s market gurus who believed that the tech sector had rewritten the laws of economics, Yale University professor Irving Fisher confidently declared on October 17, 1929: "Stocks have reached what looks like a permanently high plateau.
Apart from the Hebrew Scriptures, the prefiguring of Christ was found in the writings of the Gentile writers Homer and Virgil.